Scientific and research

Participation in research programs and projects in the field of related arts and sciences Conducting scientific and practical researches in different fields of photography and filmmaking Publication of scientific and educational articles in different fields of photography and filmmaking Holding scientific and educational workshops and lectures in different fields of photography and filmmaking

The conducted researches are:
Investigating the effect of different lighting methods on image quality
Comparing the effectiveness of different editing techniques on the attractiveness of the film.
Providing new solutions to improve photography and filmmaking education in the digital (AI / NFT / METAVERS) era.

Artistic achievements

Making (8 mm / video / visual) short films and Teaser in the years

Production of photographic works of single
photos and photo collections

Presentation of works in the form of
individual and group exhibitions

Participation in national and international
film and photo festivals with short films, photos and photo collections

Holding several individual and group

photography exhibitions
Participating in national and international

photo festivals and winning various awards and certificates


Holding and participating in national and international cultural and artistic festivals since 1995